Since 2003, Trillium Publishing has been a hub for some of the best people in literacy education who work to create exceptional materials for students and teachers in the US and around the world. Although K–6 literacy continues to be our primary area of expertise, over the years we have expanded our in-house knowledge to include K–12 literacy and math and have integrated social studies, science, and social-emotional learning across a wide variety of print and online materials.

Our uniqueness lies in the value we add to our clients' projects. Like all development services groups, we generate a great variety of projects, but the ones we like best are those to which we bring our extensive educational expertise, partnering with our clients to elevate the effectiveness of their educational strategies and materials.

A trillium is a woodland flower native to the Pacific Northwest, where our headquarters is located. Its simple beauty embodies the power of three. Our organizational values, too, reflect the power of three and provide a foundation for our ongoing success.

  • We have a passion for education and providing materials that engage and inspire both learners and teachers.
  • We respect our staff, our clients, and our industry and conduct ourselves with integrity and transparency.
  • We measure our impact through the success of our clients and the effectiveness of the programs we support.

Core Team

Sunny Gagliano

Susan Henderson

Years at Trillium: 13 Hometown: Madison, WI
(Best at/favorite): I love honing a product to get it just right for teachers and kids. I view each new project we undertake as a challenge to make it the best it can be.

(Pet peeves): Waiting in long lines, buses that run late, and people who spend their time with their heads down texting.
(When I'm at play): I enjoy movies on the big screen, devouring books (yes, I have a Kindle but a book in my hands is best), and walking around my community which includes the Seattle waterfront and views of Mt. Rainier to the east and the Olympic Mountains to the west.

Katie Campbell
Creative Director

Lee Martin

Office Dog

Nancy Gjording
Senior Editor

Robert Well
Production Director

Sarah Shaffer

Office Dog